Employee Recruitment

At Global Recruit, we have a team of experts who offer bespoke careers advice, which helps candidates looking for a job and the business clients. We help the job seekers gain the skills required to get the dream job in their desired field. Through our services, we offer candidates jobs in their respective fields according to their needs. We, at Global Recruit, understand that every client has different needs; therefore, we strive hard to provide our services to help with the hiring and/or employing of job seekers.


Even with all the information available online, unfortunately, many times, job seekers have no idea about the importance of internships in the Hospitality sector. They either overlook the importance of these internships for their career prospects or are simply unable to get their hands on a good abroad internship.

Fortunately, we at Global Recruit are here to help prospective candidates get into a good hospitality internship programme, which can offer them excellent job opportunities. We, at Global Recruit offer positions for job seekers to do paid international internships in world-renowned hotels and restaurants. Our experience in the field, along with our huge network within the hospitality industry makes sure that graduates can bag internships in top international hotel chains.

The counselling sessions taken by our experts at Global Recruit help connect job seekers with leading hotels worldwide. These sessions help them in getting the internship of their dreams where they can earn while at the same time gain work experience.


If you are someone looking for a job with flexible hours, great pay and plenty of work then cleaning jobs are the best for you. This job involves the work that you do in your home, and it is the best option for people who want to earn while doing other important things in their life.

In these jobs, the workplace is the employer’s home, and suitable training is provided to the candidates before they start working. These jobs are one of the perfect ways to earn for people who do not have any prior work experience.

At Global Recruit, our team of experts will help you find the role you are looking for, no matter whether you are looking for a job in the UK or abroad.

Retail and Manufacturing

With more and more people getting fascinated by the idea of buying things from shopping malls, Retail and Manufacturing has become popular in recent times. The growth in the number of new retail stores means there is a requirement for recruits in the market. With the growing online and offline channels, we at Global Recruit help to recruit skilled recruit retail professionals, which are of great help when it comes to fulfilling today’s customers’ increased expectations.

At Global Recruit, we help job seekers to make a career in Retail and Manufacturing where they can work with retailers based both in the UK and globally. We work in partnership with leading retailers, brands, and suppliers and help candidates to bag jobs in fields like retail operations, production, and head office roles.

Global Recruit, with its huge experience in Employee & Student Recruitment, has provided professional retail staff to some of the small to medium-sized retail businesses all over the world.


At Global Recruit, we have been finding jobs for job seekers in the construction industry for a long time. As a well-known Employee & Student Recruitment Agency, we have placed candidates in permanent and temporary jobs throughout the world.

Our team of experts at Global Recruit has the experience, networks, and knowledge to provide experienced employees across the construction, industry. We provide full support to the companies to find the perfect candidate and help the businesses by providing them with the best candidate.


With constant changes in course entry standards and country visa requirements all around the world, job candidates need to be up-to-date about the cutting-edge developments taking place in the global world. We, at Global Recruit, understand this and strive hard to train job seekers for these changes and support them in finding international job placement in their desired field.

Our Training programmes are a way for our candidates to stand out from the crowd and build the trust of the organisations, so they hire you. Join our Training programmes today to find the best global opportunities in your field.

Student Admission

If you are planning to study as an international student you have come to the right place. We, at Global Recruit, offer students information about the best international universities, their admission procedures, student Visas, and much more. Our team of experts will find the best college for you based on your budget and help with the whole process of admission.

UK international

We, at Global Recruit, are specialists when it comes to providing information, advice, and direction for the admission of international students to the UK’s top colleges and universities.

Not only do we help the students to choose the best college in the UK but we are also committed to supporting students through our large global network. We work with several universities to support international students at UK universities. Even after the student gets admission to the University of their Choice, we strive hard to offer a positive environment for international students to provide them with a good experience.

Our experienced team of experts starts by offering a Career Counselling session to the students and their parents to help them in choosing the right study option. After the student chooses the university, our team will send an application to the college/university and keep the student about all the developments. With us, you can be stress-free as we will take care of everything right from the admission to accommodation to visa process to the tuition fee.

UK Local

If you are a local student looking to get admission to the local UK College/University, we at Global Recruit are here to help you. Our team, with its connections, will offer you a list of top colleges/universities for you to choose from based on your qualifications and budget. We also process applications for government funded courses (SLC/SFE). Once you are selected, we will help you with everything right from your counseling to the time you get admission.

USA, Canada & Europe

Our huge global network ensures that as a student you can get admission to any university in the USA, Canada, or Europe. Our team of experts at Global Recruit has huge experience in sending students to the top institutions in USA, Canada & Europe. So if you are thinking of getting admission to any of these places we will help you with the whole process. Contact us now, and we will help you with the whole admission process.

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